Swiss Omega Globemaster Series Blue Dial Replica Watches UK

Recently, the famous Swiss watch brand Omega Replica Watches UK peace hotel in Shanghai art center held the “world’s first” observatory watches – new Globemaster OMEGA wrist watch public news conference “.Grand conference presented revolutionary omega Constellation series and Globemaster wrist through a new certification system.Globemaster omega wrist watch is the first in the world at the same time has passed the certification of (COSC) and wrist watch (METAS) rigorous testing certification.

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Omega Globemaster Fake Watches out, not only to write the brand development important historic moment, more open the omega constantly adhere to the pioneer spirit and innovative tabulation technology of a new chapter.

In order to achieve the accuracy in wrist, anti magnetic interference, and performance aspects of a breakthrough, omega METAS together jointly launched a new wristwatch certification system, through the METAS approved eight strict detection of wrist watch will obtain the ultimate observatory table certification.Open to all clock and watch brand this revolutionary test procedures for the quality of the industry has set a new standard.

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Omega global President (Mr. Stephen Urquhart) expressed new Globemaster omega wrist watch the milestone significance: “METAS approved new certification program to test your wrist watch waterproof performance, power storage, precision, and in 15000 gauss magnetic qualities such as prevention of strong magnetic field environment, to ensure that each watch far above the standard of tabulation industry for a long time. As the first to pass the certification program watches, omega New Omega Globemaster Copy Watches for omega brand opened a new chapter.”